How to subscribe to the podcasts

Updated: May 3

Some of you have asked me how to subscribe to podcasts. Listeners usually download and subscribe to podcasts using an app that is a podcast player. Although episodes are also available on this website, it is best to use a podcast player app that also keeps track of the shows you like and downloads them to your device automatically when new episodes come out.

Step 1: find your preferred podcast player

If you have an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac)

Most recent devices come with the Podcast app. Look for this icon :

More help from Apple is available here:

If you are running older operating systems and the Podcast app is absent, then you have to use iTunes instead, look for a podcast section there.

Other free players for any device

The Friendly Rev and Mon ami pasteur podcasts are available on at least 8 other podcasts apps, available to download in the App Store or Google Play. If you are using one depicted below, just click on their icon on the podcast page

Podcast apps (top 3 most popular among current Friendly Rev subscribers)

  • Apple Podcasts

  • Spotify

  • Overcast

  • Castbox

  • Google Podcasts

  • Breaker

  • Pocket Casts

  • RadioPublic

  • Stitcher

Step 2: Enter Friendly Rev in the search bar and click on the show's icon

Step 3: Tap the subscribe or follow button.

Your app will download new episodes when they come out and send you a notification according to what you allowed in your settings

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