Easter when life is shitty

Is your body sick, your mind, your heart suffering? Have you been rejected, treated like garbage, even by religious people who pretend to act in love for God? I have been dealing with all that for years now, often crying in disbelief that this could get so bad when I have done nothing to deserve it.

Still, I love you; I forgot many important things but I know God loves you and me. Our good friend, brother, teacher, miracle-working master Jesus begged not to have to go through all that as well and still, God is forever creative. God managed to free him from the finality of death in his body, the bruising in his spirit and heart, and promised the same to any one of us who dare to seek and learn from him, even if we can just summon a tiny bit of hope, even if hope feels completely out of reach for now. I know you heard a lot of platitudes from people who won’t own the pain they cause, people scared by your pain, people who are afraid to help you, to really try to understand you without judgment and carry you forward until you get to shine again. I am like you, I am in deep pain, I’m clueless about my future, I am frustrated like never before by my attempts to renew myself that have not worked yet, and like you I long to find a place to be completely respected and valued, just as I am.

But let’s do something crazy : Just once more, borrow my fierce faith in Jesus, in the giver and givee of second, third, tenth, and seventy-seventh chances. I wish I could give you, include you in Holy Communion today, but they made me a churchless minister… (Wow, it’s been 3 years already, what a shame…) For now, I’ll have to content myself with giving you this sacred Facebook post, which I hope, will symbolize meaningful God’s presence for you as much as a ceremonial sacrament. Nobody is going to delete that from you and me. Nothing will keep God from using this too. If this year’s ”Happy Easter !!!” with bells and Alleluias and mimosas and chocolate is not really happy for you because life is too shitty for now, it’s okay. You are still loved, you won’t be left to rot, because I just called God’s blessing on you.

Now look out for her grace aimed especially at you, please, please, please give it a chance!

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